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16 January 2017

Leave.EU chairman and founder of GoSkippy.com (car insurance company)  Arron Banks responds to the latest EU insurance legislation regarding compensation for uninsured drivers. He said:

“I’m appalled by this government’s decision to roll over and accept this absurd EU proposal which will see honest UK motorists pay higher premiums to cover the cost of uninsured drivers who couldn’t be bothered to get insurance.

“By passively implementing these crazy new rules, Failing Grayling has proven himself to be just as bad as the meddling Brussels bureaucrats who concocted the scheme.

“Grayling says the government will “come back to this” when it finally gets its act together and leaves the EU. Unfortunately if there’s one thing I’ve learned, you can never trust a Tory.

“When will the Government learn how to say ‘No!’

“We should immediately invoke Article 50, suspend payments to the EU now, and say that we are leaving the single market but are happy to trade with European partners on a tariff free basis. We demand full control of our immigration system. If they want to tariffs, we will respond accordingly.

“We are travelling to the USA next week for the inauguration of President Trump. Love him or loathe, he’s appointed top quality businessmen who know how to get things done. Compare and contrast with a joker like Grayling who is frankly useless.”