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Arron Banks’ latest column for The New European: ‘Trump’s Measures Are Weaker Than They Might Be.’

Despite the ongoing Eurozone catastrophe, the migration disaster and the resounding vote of no confidence that was the Brexit vote, the EU elite and their supporters remain totally incapable of looking reality in the face and changing course. Nothing could more neatly underline this than the hysterical reaction to Donald Trump’s so-called “Muslim ban”, which you would think was some sort of latter-day revival of the Nuremberg Laws given the media coverage.

One headline I saw promised to tell the heartbreaking tale of a “Scottish vet” who had endured the horror of an alternative stopover on her flight back from a middle-class holiday break in Costa Rica. Turned out she was actually an Iranian passport holder who had only been working in Scotland since November 2015. Fake news, anyone?

In reality, of course, Trump’s executive order on ‘Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States’ isn’t remotely close to being a “Muslim ban”. For one thing, it doesn’t contain any explicit discrimination against Muslims. For another, the seven countries it applies to do not include any of the world’s top ten Muslim-majority populations, besides Iran.

All the order actually does is increase pre-existing travel restrictions on seven “countries of concern” originally identified by – whisper it – Barack Obama, and temporarily suspends entry for asylum seekers while a superior vetting system is designed.

If anything, Trump’s measures are substantially weaker than might have been expected. Consider the countries which didn’t make the list: Saudi Arabia, the spiritual home of Islam and the world’s foremost exporter of radical Islamic terrorism; Pakistan, where swathes of territory are controlled by the Taliban; Nigeria, where Boko Haram also controls swathes of territory. I could go on.

Hilariously, the EU response to the order has been led by Angela Merkel, who described it as “not justified” and “not the right instrument” in the fight against terrorism. It was barely a month ago that a Tunisian migrant posing as a Syrian refugee, known to have at least 14 aliases and actually subjected to an unimplemented deportation order, ploughed a hijacked lorry into a Christmas market in Berlin – an event which should have been the last nail in the coffin for EU open borders (and Merkel’s premiership).

Manfred Hauser, vice-president of the Bavarian intelligence agency, has openly admitted that there are now Islamist “hit squads and sleeper cells” throughout his country.

“We have substantial reports that among the refugees there are hit squads”, he said. “There are hundreds of these reports, some from refugees themselves.” It’s amazing that the German chancellor still feels she has the authority to lecture the US president on the refugee convention.

Forgive me, but I’m with Nigel Farage: “The one thing that Donald Trump must not do is take advice on how to deal with terrorism from the French president or the German chancellor; the people who opened the door to ISIS.” Never mind concerning ourselves with the finer points of “extreme vetting” in the United States – our focus should be on the extreme lack of vetting in the EU, which allows complete strangers to illegally cross its borders in their hundreds of thousands.

Most have no identifying papers, and many are able to travel all the way from the Greek islands to the Calais coast, where they establish illegal staging posts from which to mount attempts on the UK border.

Some we have even invited across as “child refugees”, despite many looking as though they’re pushing 40. Yet the Jeremy Corbyns, Ed Milibands and Tim Farrons of British politics want to pretend that it’s Trump order which is the real scandal, not the EU open door which nobody voted for. They actually want us to sabotage ourselves by banning the president from entering the country, undoing everything that was achieved in Farage’s meetings and May’s official visit, for the sake of showing off how virtuous they are.

These are the same people who had almost nothing to say when the Chinese communists came for tea at Buckingham Palace, or when the flag was flown at half-mast for the Saudi dictator. What planet are these people living on?

As far as I can guess, they’re living on Planet Remain. Well, good luck to them, if it helps them get through the day – but Brexit means getting serious. We need a good relationship and a good trade deal with the US, and that means facing the facts on mass immigration.

If the Brussels elite want to be Little Europeans and cut themselves off from America, that’s their business – we don’t have to let them drag us down with them anymore.