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Dear Damian,

Re: Fair Vote Project

You will be aware that a group called “Fair Vote Project” have launched a legal action in Mississippi (USA) claiming that data was sent to the University of Mississippi and used in the Leave.EU referendum campaign. They have sought an injunction preventing any data held by the University from being destroyed.

The hearing will conclude on Tuesday 12th June, after hearing evidence this week from both parties. The University have denied these allegations under oath, as have we. The Fair Vote Project have used “allegations” provided to the DCMS committee from a number of witnesses as evidence, along with the ICO who supported the Fair Vote Project action.

The ICO wrote a letter of support to this group, which was dismissed by the judge as inadmissible, as they have no business supporting a legal case from an activist group involved in campaigning for a second referendum.

If they had “actual evidence”, they should have filed their own separate legal action.

The letter of support from the ICO was leaked to Carole Cadwalladr , of the Guardian, before the hearing, in order to obtain publicity for the action.

The DCMS committee also released evidence early from a witness, a few days before the hearing in order to aid this group. The Fair Vote Project publicly thanked the committee for their help!

We believe the actions of the committee amount to collusion with a Pro EU campaign group in order to create “Fake News”.

I am sure you will appreciate the irony of the situation that a committee that is meant to be looking at the role of fake news on politics, is actively supporting the actions of such a partisan group.

We will be reporting yourself and the people involved to the appropriate House of Common authority for colluding with the Fair Vote Project & investigating whether the “Parliamentary privilege” you enjoy might be revoked as a result.

It is perfectly clear that the committee, which comprises only of Remain supporting MPs is conducting a co-ordinated “Witch Hunt” of Leave groups, involving the Electoral Commission & the ICO.

You have called no witnesses from the Remain campaign or associated groups.

I am writing to inform you that Andy Wigmore and myself will not be appearing before the committee on the 12th June and will not appear until this matter is resolved.

Additionally, we will be lodging a legal appeal against the Electoral Commission findings on the 12th June.

Kind Regards,

Arron Banks



We first met the Mississippi delegation at the Republican National Convention after the referendum, where we were invited to Jackson Mississippi to meet the Gov. Phil Bryant.

Nigel Farage became the first “British” Politician to speak at a Republican Rally with Mr Trump on our first visit to Mississippi.

The project is still at the planning stage and has not commenced. No data was transferred to Mississippi from the UK