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While Theresa May enjoys a walking holiday in Wales, the chairmen of several Conservative associations have hatched a plan to oust her from No. 10 within weeks.

According to reports in the Telegraph, the chairman of the London East area Dinah Glover has begun a petition of association heads to trigger an Extraordinary General Meeting of the National Conservative Convention – representing the party’s voluntary wing.

Legendary Tory democracy campaigner John Strafford said “there has never been an Extraordinary Meeting of the National Convention so we are in new territory. If the meeting is held and the motion passed it would put massive pressure on Theresa May to resign. It does not force the issue but would be quite devastating to her authority.”

To succeed the petition will require the support of 65 chairs, and is said to currently have 40 to 50 signatures. A set of crushing local election results on May 2 will surely force more to sign up, not to mention the prospect of a European elections wipeout on May 23.

The momentum in the nation-wide Euro elections increasingly rests with Nigel Farage and his insurgent Brexit Party, whose performance in early polls – taken before official launch – has been quite stunning. As Farage said in his last address to the European Parliament for this sitting: “I’m coming back – in fact, lots and lots of us are coming back!”

The same might not be true of candidates for The Independent Group of MPs, who have recently rebranded as Change UK. What they stand for other than surrender to the EU, and how they differ from the Liberal Democrats, remains a mystery.

They’ll now be put on the ballot for May 23 without an official emblem, due to their attempt to ignore Electoral Commission guidelines by including a hashtag in their logo. Oops!