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21 November 2019

Jeremy Corbyn will today unveil his “radical and ambitious” Labour manifesto, declaring he “welcomes” the hatred of the rich and powerful. Labour’s manifesto will include a £75bn commitment to building council houses and swingeing reform to UK climate policy. Labour’s magical money tree is growing taller by the day (it’s certainly Angela Rayner’s only concept of how to pay for public services, see below).

The Labour leader is expected to give a speech later today, continuing his assault on the wealthy and “accusing” a third of billionaires of being Conservative Party donors.

Angela Rayner has said Labour plans to build 100,00 new council houses a year by 2024, whilst also bizarrely claiming Labour will “protect our Greenbelt”. Labour will need this mass supply of new homes to cope with the incredible strain that their open immigration policy will put on the housing market.

Boris Johnson has launched a rival housing policy. The Conservatives have pledged to not use public money to build new homes, but rather pursue policies to encourage the private sector to build more. A scheme will be created whereby local first-time buyers will be able to get a 30% discount on new homes in their area.

Johnson said: “The Conservatives have always been the party of homeownership, but under a Conservative majority government in 2020 we can and will do even more to ensure everyone can get on and realise their dream of owning their home.”

The Tories have estimated John McDonnell’s spending figures would cost the country £1.2 trillion, increasing the tax burden on the average worker by £2,400.

Labour’s 2019 Manifesto is, unsurprisingly, a recipe for disaster. No plan for Brexit, higher taxes and the chaos of two more referendums.

The Liberal Democrat manifesto is equally weak. Swinson’s manifesto argues remaining in the EU would generate a “remain bonus” of £50 billion, a figure with no foundations in economic reality.

It is little wonder the latest Opinium polls show the Conservatives are by far the most trusted party with the economy, with a paltry 21% trusting Labour’s crazy Corbynomics. The figures are even worse for the Liberal Democrats, with just 9% of the public trusting their economic policies.

Time continues to tick away until the big day on December 12. Luckily, the anti-Brexit parties seem to be doing Johnson’s work for him, with unfounded claims and deranged economics.