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The doomsday warnings of immediate and catastrophic harm to the UK economy in the event of a Leave vote could hardly have proved to be less true. Initial wobbles in the stock markets were soon reversed, while the new value of sterling has boosted British exports, wiping out doom-laden predictions of recession.

The future looks even rosier. Access to major markets is expected to improve outside of the EU – the United States is already on board for an unprecedented trade deal – businesses of all sizes can expect more opportunities and less red-tape outside the EU. Most importantly, the UK economy remains fundamentally strong and competitive in the global marketplace.

Leave.EU provides regular updates on employment, growth, investment, trade, productivity and other economic indicators, all of which have exhibited impressive results since June 2016 (see below).


Britain set for post-Brexit investment bonanza

Friday 14 June 2019  Britain beats the rest of Europe for investment, boasting more new projects than any other nation. As soon as Brexit is behind us, and the uncertainty dealt with, the economy is poised for an even bigger investment bonanza from global...

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Investors and business owners back Brexit Britain

Investors – including Warren Buffett – business owners and financial analysts are united in their optimism for Brexit UK. Global funds are buying up British stocks more than elsewhere. The LSE's profits are up and the construction sector is booming. ...

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