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Tuesday 12 February 2019

Theresa May is increasingly leaning towards a clean No Deal Brexit according to reports from Paul Waugh. Westminster sources say the chief whip Julian Smith and the party chairman Brandon Lewis have pressured May to avoid signing up to a soft Brexit pact with the Labour party because of its potentially explosive impact on the unity of the Tories.

The reports will spur on keen Brexiteers who have thus far been unimpressed with the prime minister’s approach to the Brexit impasse. Her response to Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit demands was limp to say the least, and appeared to open the government to surrender on the key issue of the Customs Union. To top it off, she yesterday brokered a dinner between her right-hand man David Lidington and Eurocrat dinosaur Herman van Rompuy.

But word now is that she is being swayed by more hard-headed warnings from key figures in her party. “She’s been told – ‘You need to understand prime minister, it’s very simple maths – the ERG will f*** you, f*** the Conservative party and they will throw themselves over a cliff. Your Remainer colleagues will not’. It’s who’s got the biggest balls” warned a pro-EU source quoted by the story. They cite May’s former experience as party chairman in the early 2000s – at the party’s lowest ebb in recent memory – to explain her primary concern with keeping the party together.

Given the intransigence of Brussels in the face of massive opposition to their preferred Brexit deal from our democratically elected parliament, it’s time for Britain to walk away from the table and get ready for WTO rules. No Deal will be no problem for us, but we’re sure French fishermen and German car manufacturers won’t be too pleased…

And the benefits of a proper WTO Brexit become more apparent by the day. Today a former boss of Lidl has confessed that EU free movement rules depressed wages by giving big business a virtually unlimited supply of cheap foreign labour and admitted – as Stronger In chairman Stuart Rose famously did during the referendum – that Brexit could mean wage increases for British workers.

Steven Woolfe hit a similar note in his article for the Daily Telegraph yesterday, celebrating the fact that “Brexit will deliver for the poor by pushing up their wages”. He’s well supported by the evidence with KPMG reporting that a “dwindling supply of EU workers” means “wages pushed upwards”.

But the benefits are not only a probable pay boost for Britain’s worst off. A clean No Deal Brexit, avoiding horrific political entanglements with the corrupt European project, will allow us to escape the increasingly sick attempts by pro-European politicians to destroy our cultural identity.

It’s now come to light that the French National Assembly – utterly deaf to the public mood which is increasingly turning against Brussels – has voted to make the EU flag mandatory in all classrooms. While the Yellow Vests protest against their pro-EU president every weekend, with popular support, and 40% of French voters report a desire to quit the European Union, their politicians are imposing Brussels propaganda on schoolchildren. How low can they go?