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Today the prime minister Theresa May, who promised the House of Commons over one hundred times that Britain would leave the European Union on March 29, has once again gone grovelling to Brussels begging for yet another delay to Brexit.

She has requested a delay until June 30 – the same end-point she requested previously, and which the EU batted back with a two-week extension to April 12 and an opportunity to subsequently extend again to only May 22. Their reasoning at the time was that any extension beyond May 22 would require the UK to participate in European Parliament elections – an outcome which Mrs May claimed to oppose. Why she thinks their reasoning will be any different today remains a mystery, and some would suspect that this is merely a ruse to create the illusion that May is only accepting the counter offer – of a year-long “flexible” delay – reluctantly…

The move therefore makes European Parliament elections on May 23 even more likely, with Nigel Farage getting ready to lead the Brexit Party’s campaign. With the public now backing a clean WTO Brexit according to the latest polls from YouGov, cutting through the obfuscation and Project Fear nonsense being broadcast by the establishment media, don’t be surprised to see the political class given a humiliating defeat at the polls in May.

Preparations to hold the elections are already being put in motion by the government. On Monday the Cabinet Office under David Lidington informed the Electoral Commission that the government would reimburse “reasonable spending by Returning Officers on contingency preparations”. Today’s news will surely expand the definition of reasonable spending on contingencies…

Mr Lidington has been busy this week, apart from his role in getting the European Parliament election preparations going. It was revealed last night that Mr Lidington – a Remain campaigner in 2016 – and Eurofanatic Keir Starmer are heading up the cross-party Brexit talks that Theresa May invited in the week.

Is it any wonder, with these two leading the conversation, that more betrayal is being planned for the 17.4m people who voted to get Britain out of the EU? Westminster reports suggest that they are currently discussing a customs union with the EU – which would see us denied an independent trade policy and the right to set our own tariffs – and a so-called “confirmatory vote” on the deal. In other words, a Losers’ Vote second referendum without a proper WTO Leave option on the ballot paper.

The House of Commons was shut down yesterday because of a sewage leak in the main chamber. How fitting…