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This weekend our tone deaf prime minister attempted to justify her pathetic decision to hand Brexit over Jeremy Corbyn in a cringing and very unpopular social media missive, warning that the choice facing MPs was her rotten deal (staying in the EU in all but name) or staying in the EU (name and all). Some choice!

“Winning [a] majority is the only way to deliver Brexit” May said, referring to the parliamentary logjam that has seen her deal rejected three times along with all other Brexit options. “The longer this takes, the greater the risk of the UK never leaving at all.”

It is remarkably sinister that, nearly three years after the largest democratic decision in the history of our country, the prime minister – who has kicked this can down the road endlessly thus far – is now openly threatening to defy the will of the British people. With local elections due on 2 May, and with the Brexit Party already projected to win four seats in the Welsh Assembly despite only launching a few months ago, she might be shocked by the electoral consequences of her spineless position…

Meanwhile the Brexiteer backlash against the prime minister, her deal, and her decision to hand control of Brexit over to Jeremy Corbyn, continues to grow. Boris Johnson, who performed a monumental U-turn by backing May in the third meaningful vote, has now come out for a managed No Deal Brexit saying that “to agree to be non-voting members of the EU, under the surrender proposed by Jeremy Corbyn – it cannot, must now and will not happen”.

Naddine Dorries, who also switched to backing the deal, joined Boris in blasting the customs plot because “we will have no seat at the table and no say. A country that is no longer a member state will not be given any kind of preference. CU is a very bad deal”.

Just as Theresa May managed to lure soft Brexiteers around to her rotten deal, she’s turned around and alienated them by getting into bed with a radical far-left Labour Party that wants us trapped in a customs union. Another strategy master class from the prime minister…

Meanwhile a trio of Northern Ireland veterans have lodged a powerful protest against the government today over the reprehensible treatment of Soldier F – being prosecuted for actions in Ulster while IRA terrorists enjoy the benefits of an amnesty.

They last night returned their medals along with twenty-three white feathers, sending them to members of the Cabinet as a symbol of their cowardice and their refusal to defend the brave men and women of Britain’s armed forces.

This government cannot deliver the largest democratic vote in the history of our country and they aren’t even capable of standing up for those who put their lives on the line for Britain. Has our political class ever been more disgraceful?