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Monday 22 October

It looks like time might well be running out for our gutless Remainer prime minister, with reports that yet more Tory MPs are preparing to submit their letters of no confidence to 1922 Committee chairman Graham Brady, bringing the total closer to the 48 threshold that would initiate a potential leadership contest.

ITV’s Robert Peston has described the week ahead as a period of “maximum vulnerability for the PM” and quoted one Tory Eurosceptic as saying that “I think we are the closest ever to her going and I think, thank God, this could be it”.

The backbench revolt comes at the same time as Theresa May is facing trouble from her own cabinet. Last week didn’t see any of the much touted resignations, but tensions still appear to be running high at the centre of government.

Esther McVey, the work and pensions secretary, is reported to have told the prime minister that she was ‘devastated’ by her sell out on the transition period – which could now last up until the next general election in 2022 – and home secretary Sajid Javid is reported to have also thrown scorn on the pathetic policy, quizzing May on whether or not she had explicitly threatened Brussels negotiators with a No Deal Brexit. We doubt she has…

But while May faces a week of woes, her right-hand man Olly Robbins – the architect of the unworkable Chequers proposal that the EU has already rejected – is set to cash in big time with reports that he is lined up for a fat cat job at a merchant bank at the end of these negotiations.

The Sunday Times reported that he “has his exit strategy. Every man and his dog in the City wants him.” It wouldn’t be the first time that he’s profited from his awful handling of Brexit. Just last year he raked in a five figure bonus at the taxpayer’s expense, signed off by Theresa the Appeaser, but that will be nothing compared to the £1m salary he can reportedly command in the City. Venal profit from a lousy career fudging the biggest constitutional issue facing our country. Shameful.