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Tuesday 12 June

The EU Withdrawal Bill returns to the House of Commons today. The Lords’ 15 treasonous amendments will be presented to the House over two days. Today’s session will run from around 1-7pm. This could be the defining moment of the post-referendum period.

Also in Parliament today will be Leave.EU founder Arron Banks. He and our communications director, Andy Wigmore will appear before the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee to answer questions over data during the referendum and beyond, as well as the more recent allegations of Russian collusion. Click here to see Banks’ defence on LBC last night and a taster of what’s to come, an op-ed in the Telegraph, published last night. The hearing begins at 10.30.

Back to the amendments. Leading Tory traitor Dominic Grieve last night tabled an amendment to the Lords’ (so far) greatest act of sabotage, the additional meaningful vote effectively giving Parliament control of the withdrawal procedure. Under Grieve’s proposal, the government would have until February to go back to Brussels and make arrangements for an even softer Brexit.

Tories on both sides of the divide have been talking to one another. Grieve has threatened to back the Lords’ proposal if his is rejected. It is highly plausible that he tabled it with the government’s blessing to mitigate the all-too-likely prospect of the meaningful vote amendment passing in its original form.

In an op-ed for the Guardian, Labour’s Brexit spokesperson Sir Keir Starmer declares his party will back the amendment. Of course they would. With or without Grieve’s ridiculous amendment, a second veto over Brexit would amount to a grand coalition of left and right. The political agenda extends no further than Brexit and this government’s days will last few days beyond the end of March 2019 when Britain leaves the EU, that is unless Parliament vetoes and we crash out. That’s not a bad option by any means, but under the terms of this appalling amendment, the government could be forced to return to Brussels and untrigger Article 50.

This is a big day for Brexit and everyone knows it. The Sun and the Express boast some cracking front pages today – Westmonster have had a useful dig into their editorials.