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Monday 14 May 2018

MI5 chief Andrew Parker has made a stunning intervention this morning, warning policymakers and the public of the immense danger still posed to European countries by the horrific radical Islamist group Islamic State.

He revealed that our own security services have thwarted 12 major terror attacks since last March, proving that these fanatics continue to pose an ongoing threat to our way of life. The intervention comes after a brutal stabbing attack in Paris – during which the assailant allegedly shouted “Allahu akbar” – and suggests that IS lunatics are planning ever more complex attacks on the West following the loss of territory in Syria and the Levant.

With a slew of major terror attacks hitting Britain last year, it speaks volumes that tackling terror still remains low down Theresa May’s seeming list of political priorities. While she dithers over her discredited and unpopular customs partnership plan, Mr Parker warns that British subjects are being threatened with slaughter on their own streets. Surely it’s time for Number 10 to wake up and commit to decisive action to eradicate this horrific evil. With a mysterious Facebook post this weekend pointing towards yet another general election, it’s time for May to listen to the concerns of ordinary people.

Meanwhile, the madness of EU open borders continues to be exposed as it now emerges that the Home Office is being forced to pay compensation for homeless EU migrants.

The handouts included a £10,000 award to Tomas Lusas, a Latvian rough sleeper.

EU open borders have hit Brits hard since Tony Blair recklessly opened the door to Eastern Europe, with wages being depressed by an oversupply in the unskilled labour market while communities change beyond recognition without the consent of the population. Now British taxpayers will have to fork out thousands upon thousands of pounds to foreign beggars because of mad EU rules. Utter madness.

One person who definitely opposes the EU project is Jim Ratcliffe, the UK’s new richest man. Ratcliffe, a self-made chemicals billionaire who was raised on a council estate, was vocal in his support for Brexit in the run-up to the EU referendum. “The Brits are perfectly capable of managing the Brits and don’t need Brussels telling them how to manage things”. Perfectly said!

Yet another self-made man speaking sense – what a breath of fresh air compared to Britain’s incestuous political elite, with worthless dynastic politicians like Stephen Kinnock and Will Straw leading the charge against national independence…