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Friday 6 September 2019

With Boris Johnson fighting tooth and nail to get Britain out of the EU by October 31st, the Brexit Party would appear to be cast to the sidelines. Far from it.

“At some point he [Boris] is going to need to talk to us,” warned Nigel Farage on Thursday morning after a climactic 48 hours in Westminster that saw our viciously pro-Remain parliament take back control.

“He cannot win an election, whenever it comes, if the Brexit Party stands against him,” Nigel added.

“If Boris Johnson makes the decision that Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement is not going to be seriously amended in Brussels, that it’s a rotten deal for the country, and that the only way forward is to go for a clean break Brexit…I would say we won’t stand against you in those areas [where the Tories are vulnerable.]”

Equally, in Leave voting constituencies where the Tories don’t have a prayer, but the sitting Labour MP has nastily rubbed second referendum propaganda in voters’ faces, Nigel’s party would expect the Tories to stand down. 

It’s a tantalising offer. The Conservatives are polling at 33%. The Brexit Party are on 14%. While their popularity has dropped since Boris took over as Tory leader in July, Nigel’s outfit have an extraordinarily stable base of diehard supporters that the Conservatives will not be able to eat into. We could barely have expected a government more committed to British independence than this one and yet many Brexiteer voters are distrustful – and rightly so. The Tories have flattered to deceive so many times.  

“Count the opinion polls. Add them together and get a big majority,” pointed out a Tory Party member on Question Time last night. Absolutely. The “People vs Parliament” combination would clean up, but it will only work if Nigel is fully onboard.

And it’s not just about the prospect of an all-conquering “non-aggression” pact. Nigel is keeping the Tories honest. At the European elections the Brexit Party nabbed millions of votes off the Conservatives. If Boris flaps over the coming weeks he will haemorrhage support just as his predecessor did.

But the former mayor of liberal London deserves tremendous credit. Trust was shaken by his proposal to the EU for a compromise over the backstop only. That now feels like old news. Boris is honouring his “do or die” commitment to taking the country out of the EU by the end of October.


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A huge cause for optimism is his team’s lack of serious consideration towards talks with the EU, widely reported in the press this week – Dominic Cummings described them as a “sham”. During the Tory leadership election, few would have predicted Boris would have the gumption to cull quisling MPs, but that’s exactly what he did on Tuesday evening after 21 Conservative Remainers backed a takeover of Parliament to delay (block) Brexit.  

A few hours before, the government lost their working majority. Eurofantic Phillip Lee crossed the aisle to join the Lib Dems – all the rage in Westminster at the moment (see below). Following the next day’s takeover, when Hillary Benn’s Brexit blocking bill was tabled and approved by MPs, Boris had no choice but to push for a general election. Time to drain the swamp.

Following Luciana Berger’s defection to the Lib Dems, just days after fake Tory Philip Lee also defected to Jo Swinson’s anti-Brexit party, four out of the sixteen Liberal “Democrat” MPs were not elected. Will they show commitment to democracy and call by-elections? Of course not.

Lee will be one of the first to get sucked out. His Bracknell seat voted for Brexit by a wider majority than the rest of the nation. At the 2017 general election, the Lib Dems only won 7.5% of the votes there. No wonder he’s not calling a by-election, these Remainers never do.    

Other fake and now former Conservatives are Philip Hammond (who pointlessly got himself reselected on the sly on Monday), Justine Greening, Oliver Letwin, Ken Clarke, Greg Clark and Rory Stewart, who complained of receiving his marching orders via text. He deserved no better.

Sir Nicholas Soames’ indulgent goodbye speech in the Commons won sickly praise from all sides of the twisted Remainer spectrum. Few pointed out that having the whip withdrawn is an entirely proportionate response to defying it on a critical vote.

Westminster has gone mad. As the Remainer elites continue to claim the moral high ground without the necessary ethical credit in the bank, nutty protesters swarm across London causing havoc. Check out this clip of Leave.EU’s chairman being surrounded in his car

After lobbying for an election ever since the last one (click here to view the evidence), Jeremy Corbyn has suddenly gone chicken and is refusing to back Boris’s motion for a general election until Benn’s bill passes. According to today’s reports, the Labour leader will hold out for a November election, after Brexit is postponed. He is foolish, delaying Brexit will only make matters worse for Labour.

Voters will not reward a party that has dithered over EU withdrawal for years. Its current position of negotiating a new deal with Brussels which cabinet members like Emily Thornberry would then campaign against at a second referendum is, to quote Richard Tice, “utterly ridiculous”.

Boris summed it up superbly at his first PMQs this week, chanting to Corbyn: “What do we want? Dither and delay. When do we want it? We don’t

Labour also forget that most Brits, Remainers as well as Leavers, want the political class to just get on with it and do right by the electorate.  A recent poll found that a majority favour Boris’s approach, a position he reaffirmed yesterday, saying he’d prefer to “die in a ditch” than bow down to Brussels. 70% have no sympathy for Parliament’s moaning MPs.

The PM now faces several choices, all of which will only heighten the sense of lunacy prevailing over Westminster. One of them is to table a no confidence motion in himself, forcing Corbyn to go to Brussels as the new prime minister, Trotsky cap in hand, to plead for that extension. Although, feeble Corbyn could easily get spat out of the inevitable row between the divided Remainer factions. The next prime minister could just as easily be Dominic Grieve or Ken Clarke.

Boris would then feast on the PR nightmare Labour and the Lib Dems, together with those turncoat Tories, will have created for themselves and call a another no confidence vote against his successor.

Our nation’s independence may seem as unattainable as ever, but the outlook is decidedly rosy. Yet again this week, the Trump administration gave its vote of confidence for Brexit Britain when Vice President Mike Pence expressed his “respect” for British sovereignty.

Pence’s boss likes to call Farage Mr Brexit. It’s high time Boris got in touch with him.