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Friday 15 March 2019 

On Wednesday the House of Commons stabbed the people of Britain in the back. Last night they drove the knife in again. More than two years after we decided to leave the European Union, in the largest democratic exercise in the nation’s history, MPs instructed Theresa May to grovel to Brussels for yet more delay after taking No Deal off the table.

We’ve already heard that the EU is preparing a huge addition to the already outrageous Brexit bill as the price for an extension – which the government wants to last for three months, but European leaders are already gleefully trying to drag it out to two years. We don’t owe Brussels a penny, but we’ll be handing over tens of billions for another two years if our Europhile MPs get their way.

Our greatest hope at present is a veto from a patriotic European nation, breaking the unanimous decision needed by the EU to grant the extension. The relationships Nigel Farage has built with Eurosceptics across the continent for decades may prove decisive. Many of them are now in power? Save us, Salvini…

At this time of national crisis and daily betrayal, we’re taking positive steps to hold our politicians to account and get the real Brexit this country voted for. We’re fighting against the corrupt political class, the pro-EU media establishment, and we’re even taking the biased Electoral Commission to court next week – to defend our campaign from ludicrous politically-motivated allegations.

We’re fighting back from within the Conservative Party too. Conservative HQ mobilised to crush grassroots democracy by blocking more than thirty No Confidence motions that our supporters submitted for Annual General Meetings. They even plotted to have the membership of John Strafford, one of the most prominent Eurosceptic Conservative activists in the country, lapse after 56 years because he was causing too much of a headache in Beaconsfield.

But Conservative Party members still have the right to hold their elected politicians to account. There’s no need to put up with Brexit saboteurs like Dominic Grieve, Sam Gyimah, and Antoinette Sandbach. If local members can deliver fifty signatures, they can force a Special General Meeting of the local association whether Westminster politicians and their cronies in CCHQ like it or not.

We delivered our first petition on February 19 in Totnes, calling for the deselection of Sarah Wollaston. The next day she quit the Conservative Party and was forced to the extreme fringes of Parliament – her amendment last night was brutally defeated by 334 votes to 85.

We are close to delivering petitions in a dozen more seats, with local organisers on the ground making a final push. We’re looking to expand as far as possible, and deliver electoral consequences to any Tory MP who betrayed the referendum result. If you are a paid-up member of the Conservative Party with a Remainer MP, get involved by following this link.

We need your support to keep up the fight. Our referendum victory is under assault from all sides, and we need the resources to stand up for the votes of 17.4m people. With a possible two-year delay to Brexit, we might yet see another set of European elections, and we need all the firepower we can get to put behind the Brexit Party – and send another huge message to corrupt, out of touch Westminster politicians, just like we did on June 23, 2016. 

You can donate to our campaign online by visiting our website or you can send a cheque, payable to Leave.EU, to the following address:

The Quadrant
Aztec West
Bristol BS32 4AQ