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Friday 18 January 2018 

Britain’s drawn-out exit from the European Union entered a new phase this week as MPs overwhelmingly rejected the prime minister’s dismal deal by 230 votes, the biggest parliamentary defeat in history. Just twenty-four hours later, they backed her to stay by a bigger margin than the government’s working majority.

One vote cancelled out the other. For the moment, the Labour Party’s many enemies of Brexit have been largely neutered. The Tory traitors therefore represent the most immediate threat, which is why we are stepping up our campaign to deselect these shameful MPs.

Since the summer, MP Nick Boles has been pushing the so-called Norway plus model, an unprecedented and idiotic plan to keep Britain in both the Customs Union and the EU Single Market, permanently. Mr Boles and his lieutenants have benefited from the broken field of play left behind by the PM’s shattered withdrawal deal.

Boles has recruited opposition backbencher Yvette Cooper to table a bill on Monday intended to rule out no deal by extending the Article 50 negotiating period. If it passes, Parliament will have effectively sidelined the government.

Sounds barmy. However, powerful figures in the cabinet see the Boles-Cooper axis of fake Leavers as their salvation. In a conference call with business leaders on Tuesday night, Philip Hammond suggested their bill could serve as a useful means to avoid no deal.

We are being subjected to an attack by stealth. Not too long ago Boles was just another Eurofanatic, regularly moaning over the airwaves to the delight of the liberal elites. But he’s slowly accrued powerful allies and is poised to strike a deadly attack.

“75% of MPs in the House voted Remain or campaigned for Remain,” said former Cabinet Minister Esther McVey in a brilliant speech last night.

“We thought they would have listened to us, changed their views and implemented what we’d asked them to do, but that isn’t the case,” she added before pointing out that the word “leave” has been seized and distorted by the “75%”, and turned into the word “Brexit”. Not just one Brexit but a multitude, covering all different densities and colours (red white and blue, whatever the hell that means) and therefore meanings. All of sudden, we’re informed, “no you didn’t vote to leave, you voted for something else.”

NO! We voted to leave. 

“Quite nasty people” is how Leave legend, Kate Hoey put it, pointing to Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee’s sickening celebration of the passing of Eurosceptic voters since 2016, supposedly replaced by flag-waving Europhiles.

But the most dangerous vultures are in Parliament where Tory Party chairman Brandon Lewis is proactively shunting out real conservatives from joining his party and Damian Collins, a man who has worked in the dark arts of deception all his professional life, is doing everything in his power to demonise the Leave campaign and get the media to portray patriotic voters as hoodwinked imbeciles.

The people are now pitted against Parliament. Deselection is the 17.4m’s weapon against our betrayers in Westminster, one we must wield with real intent, as the nasty Remainers have done so ruthlessly since June 2016.

Click here to take part in our vital campaign. Leave.EU has already helped to recruit at least 25,000 new members to the Conservative Party. The page on our website provides instructions and guidance on which MPs should be targeted for deselection. Also included are links to the page on the Conservatives’ website where you can find contact details for your local association. Sign up today (if you haven’t already) and send a letter telling your pro-Remain MP they need to get their act together or they’ll get chucked out.

Just weeks remain before we finally leave the European Union. Now is the time to fight back and ensure we get the Brexit we voted for.