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Wednesday 4 September 2019

At 3 o’clock this afternoon those smug deluded MPs who last night defeated the government in an emergency Brexit debate will take control of the House of Commons with a view to placing Boris Johnson in a straitjacket to spirit him off to Brussels and beg for an extension to Article 50. The EU will have discretion over how long it lasts.

All 21 of those deluded MPs, inappropriately known as the rebel alliance (see list below) joined the opposition – minus two brave labour MPs, Kate Hoey and John Mann – in backing the motion introduced to the House by Oliver Letwin (yes, him again).

But their is respite. Boris Johnson is finishing what Leave.EU started with our gloriously successful deselection campaign, withdrawing whips from the 21 quislings and removing them from the candidate list for the forthcoming election, a motion for which the prime minister will table today at 7pm.


21 Tory Rebels

Guto Bebb
Richard Benyon
Steve Brine (author of the original rebels’ letter)
Alistair Burt
Greg Clark
Ken Clarke
David Gauke
Justine Greening
Dominic Grieve
Sam Gyimah
Philip Hammond
Stephen Hammond
Richard Harrington
Margot James
Oliver Letwin
Anne Milton
Caroline Nokes
Antoinette Sandbach
Nicholas Soames
Rory Stewart
Ed Vaizey

This morning’s airwaves have been saturated by Remainers dubiously claiming the democratic high ground, claiming Boris’s prorogation of Parliament is an afront to British liberal political values, when they are the ones who are not only blocking the will of the 17.4m but also seeking to avoid the general election Britain is begging for. Both main parties are divided, the government no longer has majority, it’s election time, simple as that. But, as Tony Blair declared loud and clear, Labour don’t want an election and the Tories do.

The opposition’s comms operation is as light-as-day transparent. Speaking on the Today programme Sir Keir Starmer laughably claimed the government still had the opportunity to take Britain out of the EU, provided there’s a deal. The public aren’t falling for this nonsense, never.

Expect an explosive Prime Minister’s Questions today. Boris did not disappoint last night, leaping from his seat to delivered another magnificent barrage of well-deserved abuse against Corbyn, a must watch – here he is calling for an election.

Johnson pointed out that without the threat of a clean departure from the EU at the end of next month Britain has no leverage to get a deal. Starmer is only interested in one thing, reversing Brexit, the very opposite of an exit treaty.

Under the Fixed Term Parliaments act, the government needs a two-thirds majority to secure an election. The Remainer opposition says it will only make up the necessary numbers if No Deal is taken off the table. That’s not going to happen. Boris may have lost points for dithering over Brexit during the pre-referendum era and then over prorogation during the Tory leadership election, but those days are over, this is a man committed to British independence and taking us out of the EU on October 31.

“Everyone should get behind Boris Johnson, including Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party,” tweeted Arron Banks last night after news broke the PM had followed up on his pledge to withdraw the whip from the rebels. Doubters of Boris’s resolve are encouraged to check out this piece in the Telegraph.

According to two sources, Dominic Cummings, Boris’s influential adviser has described negotiations with the EU towards a new compromise as a “sham”. He’s on the mark, there isn’t enough time to deconstruct Theresa May’s dense treaty, put it back together and gain EU27 approval before Halloween.

With an snap election unlikely, all attention is on Hillary Benn’s bill, which last night’s debate paved the way for. It is Remainers’ only vehicle for success. The opposition takes control of the House to usher it through at 3pm today. The vote on the second reading is scheduled for 5pm, followed by an extraordinary number of amendments, including one to retable Theresa May’s deal a fourth time. These MPs really are deluded.

The Bill will reach the House of Lords tonight, where an epic filibustering operation will be put into action. There are 92 amendments in total. The government will try to enforce two votes for each one, running down the clock.

Guido Fawkes have a sensational scoop of a coordinated plan in the Lords between Downing Street and (real) Conservative Peers to apply high-octane reverse thrust to a Remainer amendment designed to expedite the bill’s passage through the Lords.

Unlike the Commons, the Lords doesn’t impose debating time limits. Benn has tried to reduce his Bill’s vulnerability to long-winded statements designed to slow everything down by imposing restrictions. Pro-Brexit peers are targeting the motion with a view to dragging out the debate until Sunday night, Parliament is prorogued the next day. If the Bill hasn’t passed by then, it’s game over.

Not before time.