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Monday 17 December 2018

Yesterday, Theresa May lashed out at treasonous Tony Blair for his crusading around European capitals for a second referendum, which he’s been hoping to leverage by getting Brussels and the EU27 to give May a rotten deal.

The prime minister is said to be genuinely aggrieved, however her government is up to its own tricks and eager to deflect attention. Yesterday, the Times reported her de-facto deputy David Lidington and chief of staff Gavin Barwell are secretly making preparations for a second referendum. Over the last two weeks Lidington has held a series of meetings with Labour MPs who support a so-called “people’s vote”. May’s de-facto deputy is said to be a member of the “gang of five” in the cabinet, comprising of Amber Rudd, Philip Hammond, Greg Clark and David Gauke. Barwell has since denied having made any preparations, but he hasn’t discounted the prospect in the future.

Not all Cabinet members have committed themselves to fear tactics surrounding a possible no-deal Brexit. Jeremy Hunt, who like Lidington and co. voted Remain told the Sunday Telegraph that the UK will “flourish and prosper” if it walks away from the EU without a deal. Home Secretary Sajid Javid has called for a significant increase in planning for such a scenario. This should give Brexiteers at least some hope that the government is now committed to a no deal as a genuine option.

Not too much though. Javid and Hunt are ambitious, they know their only route to Number 10 is by playing the Brexit card and talking tough on sovereignty. Only May and Hammond – for he writes the cheques – have it within their power to ramp up no deal planning, and they’ve both done very little.

The “yellow vest” protests directed at Emmanuel Macron in France over a previous weeks look like they may be the start of a European uprising. Thousands marched on the European Commission in Brussels yesterday to demonstrate against the UN Global Migration Compact, which has been criticised by Nigel Farage as trying to “criminalise all criticism of mass immigration”.

The regionalist and separatist Flemish N-VA backed the protest attended by over 5,000 people. The Belgian coalition government is now a minority administration following the N-VA’s decision to break off, which was triggered by prime minister Charles Michel’s participation in the UN convention on migration. The growing dissatisfaction in mainland Europe should re-affirm to us why we made our decision to leave in 2016.

From outside the European Commission to inside. Jean-Claude Juncker drew a displeased reaction after he ruffled a female aide’s hair, captured in this video. Tory peer Baroness Jenkin said ,“he is behaving like a sort of medieval king at court”. This comes a month after the old soak was videoed with one brown shoe and one black shoe on during a news conference in Brussels. This led to him having to deny he had an alcohol problem following rumours he “has cognac for breakfast”. The UK must escape the clutches of this moronic Brussels bureaucrat.

The PM will face the Commons today, following last week’s embarrassment at the European Council summit. Downing Street says she will quash any prospect of a second referendum at the despatch box, which will only serve to fuel the rumours that’s exactly what she intends to do.