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Sunday 23 April 

Leave.EU founders, Arron Banks and Richard Tice applaud UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s call for Leavers to not go up against pro-Brexit candidates at the June General Election:

“Country First, Party Second.

“This election is a second referendum on the 23 June vote for the UK to leave the EU.

“UKIP is the most successful political party of all time, winning independence for the UK.

“The Brexit revolution helped elect a new US president and changed the world.

“The 2014 European election result achieved by UKIP scared David Cameron into a referendum and the rest is history. At heart, the Tories always put party first and country second.

“Mrs May has parked her tanks on the UKIP lawn, copying UKIP policies, and rightly judging that the public want to see Brexit delivered in full.

“During her term as Home Secretary she failed to control immigration, both EU and non-EU. Changing the face of communities across our country.

“However, the Conservative party is the only viable option for the UK electorate at the moment. The only way to create stable government is to return a Conservative government.

“Under the circumstances, UKIP should not stand candidates against any MP who voted for Brexit from any other party.

“UKIP voters are the most patriotic in the country and they will do their duty.

“There are areas where UKIP can win and the Tories could never win. If UKIP do the right thing then Conservative voters will reward them in these seats.

“We will win a number of seats in this Brexit election.”

“The Tories have shown time and time again they almost always let their voters down. The pendulum will swing and Labour will have been annihilated as the main opposite party. MPs are deserting in droves and stepping down.

“UKIP can re-organise with a small parliamentary base, working on radical policies and looking to represent the people let down by the main political parties.

“UKIP voters can hold their heads high and be proud that the voice of decent, patriotic people not only changed this country but the world.

“With Douglas Carwell and Mark Reckless out of the picture, UKIP has a fantastic opprtunity to unify and become a great force in British Politics again.

“Nigel Farage was never elected to parliament but he set the political weather. He forced the conservative party to move onto UKIP ground.  Mrs May is using exactly the same language Nigel was condemned and vilified for.

“He is the outstanding politician of his generation or any generation.

“Let’s do the patriotic thing and put country first and party second.”