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Arron Banks vows to “take action” in response to the NCA’s announcement that it has found “no evidence” against him and will “take no further action”. Yet further proof the Electoral Commission, which referred Banks and Leave.EU to the NCA, is corrupt and utterly biased:

“For nearly a year, I have been subjected to an endless media campaign suggesting that I behaved improperly during the 2016 referendum campaign. 

“This is all because the Electoral Commission, having found no impropriety, forwarded my file to the NCA. They made false, outrageous allegations that I was not the true source of funds during that campaign and that “a number of criminal offences may have been committed”. 

“Several prominent media organisations have sought to declare the referendum result invalid, suggesting that Russia was the source of the money and caused serious damage to the reputations of Liz Bilney and myself. 

“No wrongdoing of any kind has been found and I intend to take action against those who have behaved so scandalously.”