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Friday 24 May 2019

Going going gone! Having sold the nation short, Theresa May is finally on her way out.

“I will shortly leave the job… with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love,” blubbed the outgoing PM this morning, provoking mass sympathy from the media.

No! If May really loves her country, she wouldn’t have promised a sovereign withdrawal from the European Union without the slightest intention of doing so. She wouldn’t have gifted Brussels £39bn, and wouldn’t have negotiated a treaty turning Britain into an EU colony. And remember, we were supposed to have left on March 29th. Some patriot.

The continuous betrayals and utterly incompetent moves – remember the Chequers plan? – will put Mrs May down as the worst prime minister ever.

“This is a great time to be alive,” read out May from her Downing Street suicide note on Tuesday as she pitched her final desperate attempt to get the Withdrawal Agreement over the line. Yes, it is Theresa, if not for you.

The backlash from May’s mad proposal  killed both the “offer” itself and her tenure in office. If only it had happened sooner. But the next Tory leader is unlikely to do right by the people. The establishment is too interested in knocking Britain down.

We as a people and a nation are weak, the EU is our salvation, they claim. Except it’s not. Just ask British Steel, maimed by EU environmental regulations which May had included in her beefed up withdrawal deal to try and woo Labour votes.

The Electoral Commission declared war on the Brexit Party this week, raiding the party’s HQ only a week after announcing they were fully compliant with campaigning rules. Leave.EU has launched a campaign to get hundreds of thousands of supporters to complain to the Electoral Commission. Click here to learn more.

If, by some miracle, the new Tory leader does what they’re supposed to and takes Britain out of the EU proper, credit will have to go to the Brexit Party breathing down their neck. Nigel Farage and his new party are our true salvation.

“I’ve realised over the last few days that the UK political establishment aren’t scared of us, they’re absolutely terrified of us,” bellowed Nigel at a rally in Bolton this week.

The results of the European elections won’t be declared until Monday, but we know what they will be. The Brexit Party will win by a massive margin, delivering the establishment a thoroughly good kicking. About time!

The pro-EU elites have been driven to insanity, using incidents like the milkshake assault on Nigel as opportunities to mock him and the movement he leads. Yesterday morning a former paratrooper proudly wearing his Brexit Party rosette was struck with a milkshake at a polling station. Sick Remainers claimed the elderly gentleman had set it up to make them look bad, as if that were ever necessary. To think the establishment portray themselves as fair and sensible.


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British politics is warped. Everything the Remain campaign does mobilises more supporters to our cause.

On Monday, a knackered looking Gordon Brown used a speech to try and take down the Brexit Party with an obvious nod and wink from his only good eye to the Electoral Commission.

Farage “is not going to be remembered, as he wants, as the man of the people. He’s going to be remembered as the man of the PayPal, because that is where the money is coming from,” said the bigoted old man, making the usual links between our chairman Arron Banks, Nigel, and Russia, without providing any evidence.

“You see, it’s not a party in the normal sense.” You’re damn right it isn’t.

Naturally, the parasites at the Electoral Commission launched a lightning raid on the Brexit Party’s offices only a week after determining the party fully compliant with electoral law. No surprise then that they didn’t find anything.

Normally the Commission would be satisfied at sowing doubt in voters’ minds: “they’re up to no good, we just can’t prove it”. The corrupt quango should have figured out long ago that the public is too smart to buy that kind of nonsense.

At Brexit Party HQ, the visiting regulators would have seen thousands of small donations rolling through the system, sending shivers down their spines. The people’s army is ready for the fight. It’s your cash, not the Kremlin’s that’s taking the fight to the establishment’s door.

Leave.EU has spent more than £300,000 defending its reputation in the courts against the Electoral Commission, which has been working in tandem with powerful figures in the media and Parliament, the kind of coordinated strategy you’d expect in a communist bureaucracy. The PayPal nonsense was no different, starting with yet another biased BBC interview with Brexit Party chairman Richard Tice on Monday morning, a few hours before Gordon Brown called on the Commission to act. How convenient.

The establishment is completely obsessed with us and the Brexit Party. While they make one costly error after another in their pathetic quest to tarnish the Leave movement, we are focused on fighting for the 17.4m, which is why we urge you to support our great work – you can donate by clicking here. A better Britain is within our grasp. The first step was Nigel’s victory at the last European elections in 2014, the second was the referendum. Sunday’s will be epic.

Theresa May has gone and the establishment is going to get destroyed at the polls. What a time to be a Brexiteer.

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