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Friday 20 April 2018

The response to Monday’s mass email appeal on behalf of the Windrush generation was tremendous. Just short of 500 emails expressing disgust and demanding action were sent to MPs around the country. The government’s appalling treatment of those Britons born in the Caribbean set an unpleasant tone that was to linger throughout the week.

Windrushgate did not go unnoticed in Brussels where the European Parliament’s Brexit representative, Eurofanatic meddler Guy Verhofstadt publicized the betrayal as proof the UK does not look after settlers from other countries, in his view justifying EU judicial oversight. The UK’s gifts to the canny, if deluded EU elite is a rising theme of the Brexit negotiation, which Nigel Farage struck upon at the EU Parliament on Wednesday.

“I’m not in the least bit surprised by the intransigence of Barnier and the EU’s negotiating team, they have got to defend their empire…In the face of all of this, the British have rather blinked, and you get the impression the Prime Minister doesn’t really believe,” the Brexit hero told MEPs.

At a lavish lunch the day before, Farage told Emmanuel Macron only he could somehow mask the EU’s fundamental flaws and hold off its collapse. Alas for the French President, he is haemorrhaging domestic support. The momentum is now with Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, who Nigel praised in his speech for his inspirational insurgency against the Euro-elite and their liberal dogma.

The EU is headed for a crossroads. This week, the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker ramped up the rhetoric on a hazardous expansion into the Western Balkans. Ludicrously, he claimed only the accession of Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the dysfunctional bloc would rule out the prospect of war in the region.

110 years ago, the Austro-Hungarian Empire had similar ideas when it annexed Bosnia. We suggest Mr Juncker pick up a history book and find out how that turned out. In another act of folly, Germany’s EU minister suggested Turkey continue to apply for EU membership.

Back across the Channel, the biannual Commonwealth leaders summit was in town to help shift the focus towards global Britain and reinforcing relationships long-neglected due to European integration. While much goodwill was pointlessly expended by the Windrush calamity, the government did manage to secure India’s commitment towards a trade agreement.

Indian prime minister Narendra Modi for once chose not to shun the summit, embracing stronger ties with the Untitled Kingdom – although that did not stop the media from glorifying India’s existing trade negotiations with the EU, even though they have advanced at a snail’s pace, which typically, the media have failed to mention.

The story of the week however, was the latest effort from the House of Lords to block Brexit. A wide majority of 348 to 245 peers voted in favour of an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill that could potentially keep the United Kingdom in the Customs Union. Read our take on the debate and check out this devastating attack on Remainer Lords by Lord Forsyth.

Thanks to the amendment’s vague wording – it clumsily seeks a “framework” enabling continued CU membership – The government say they can “live with it”, which is just as well, the Commons is unlikely to vote it down. The setback has already spurred on Remainers in the Commons where ten MPs, including Tory traitors Nicky Morgan and Sarah Wollaston have given notice of a motion calling for the government to hold onto “a” customs union as a negotiating objective.

It emerged on Thursday that Brexit Secretary David Davis is panicking over the prime minister’s refusal to steal a march on Michel Barnier and deliver a detailed proposal for a future trade arrangement.

Davis’s sense of alarm is well founded, the enemies of independence are closing in. With the Lords and the Commons ganging up to force Britain into remaining in the Customs Union, it came as no surprise to learn this morning that Brussels is just as hellbent. According to EU sources, having conducted a “systematic and forensic annihilation” of Britain’s proposals for a frictionless but controlled border in Ireland, Barnier’s team has concluded, “none of the UK’s customs options will work. None of them.”

If the EU does not accept the government’s proposal, Britain will be obliged to Remain exactly where it is. That no deal option could not look more enticing. The establishment are looking for every excuse to resort to the path of least resistance and remain a de facto member of the EU. They are wrong. Defiance of the common will cause yet more public unrest.

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