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Friday 3 August 2018 

Michael Gove showed his true colours yet again this week, compounding the image of duplicity fostered by his refusal to resign from the Cabinet after Chequers. Reports emerged of a dinner the environment secretary held with “moderate” Tory MPs, during which he discussed the possibility of “parking” Britain in the EEA to avoid a No Deal Brexit – with one Tory MP saying “he was steering the conversation towards the EEA idea. There’s no doubt about that”.

So not only has Gove surrendered to Theresa May’s horrifically soft Brexit as outlined at Chequers, he is now actively pushing for the softest Brexit of all: single market membership, which means our borders remain wide open.

Controlling mass immigration was one of the key drivers behind our huge referendum victory in 2016, and politicians ignore it at their peril. Even the effect on traffic – which Nigel Farage was mocked for raising some years ago – has now been proven, with the Local Government Association this week admitting that 2.5 million more cars on our roads means “a growing congestion crisis”. Funny how that works…

Luckily Brexiteers have little to fear from Gove in a theoretical Tory leadership election, with the latest polling from Conservative Home showing the environment secretary getting hammered for his decision to stand by Theresa May and her rotten Chequers plan.

While Gove’s support found itself cut in half since last month, support for the former foreign secretary Boris Johnson – who resigned on principle following May’s Chequers summit – has quadrupled. He now leads the pack in first place.

Perhaps it’s time for grassroots Tories to have a say in a leadership contest instead of carrying on with this disastrous May experiment. The same Conservative Home survey showed historic levels of dissatisfaction with the prime minister among Tory members, with a net rating of -48.1.

That goes along with wider surveys of public opinion showing that only 10% agree with the government’s handling of Brexit, not to mention the fact that Labour leads in national polling even as the leader of the opposition faces scandal after scandal.

A true Brexiteer would certainly have support in mainland Europe for a truer vision of Brexit, with Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini backing the UK and saying that “there is no objectivity or good faith from the European side… I remember the referendum stage as an example of participation and freedom.”

“There is no need to be flexible and you should not go backward…you either impose yourself or they swindle you.” Wise words, if only we had a leader who could heed them!

Instead, our political elite is too busy peddling absurd scare stories about Brits not being able to get food or medicine after leaving the corrupt European Union, whipping up levels of panic reminiscent of the millennium bug. Of course, the whole thing is being orchestrated by Downing Street, with the prime minister and her team hoping that witless panic will force Brexiteers into accepting her pathetic Chequers deal. Unfortunately for her, nobody is buying it.

But the return of Project Fear, and the willingness of the press to run with the absurd lies and deceit that the British people comprehensively rejected in June 2016, reminds us of just how big an obstacle we face.

The establishment never wanted Brexit and they still don’t want it. As Lord Owen said this week, “within our own parliament, people are determined to block the whole process. They lie through their teeth, saying it’s this problem or that, but really they just don’t want to leave.”

The Electoral Commission is another tentacle of this clueless establishment, and their behaviour is just as brazen. After spending years hounding Leave campaigners like David Banks (watch cl), turning his life upside down over a tiny administrative error (watch him pay his £250 fine in small change here), they have refused to perform a similar forensic investigation of the Remain campaign despite serious questions being raised. Utterly typical of a supposedly impartial elections regulator which appears to have no interest in maintaining the public’s confidence – and whose board, incidentally, is stuffed with Remainers.

One person who isn’t afraid of scrutiny is Leave.EU chairman Arron Banks, who submitted himself to a lie detector test this week to dispel some of the more ridiculous conspiracy theories doing the rounds among the most deranged of the referendum’s sore losers. He passed with flying colours, but don’t expect his critics to volunteer for the same kind of examination…