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Friday 4 October 2019

This morning, the President of the Supreme Court, Lady Hale made a shocking admission of bias. Transfixed by Boris Johnson’s proposal to break the Brexit deadlock, the media has given it risibly scant attention.

“Let’s hear it for the girly swots,” said Baroness Hale, appearing before a crowd of fanatically pro-EU teachers at an education conference. “Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

Spider woman takes down Hulk: viewers transfixed by judge’s brooch as ruling crushed PM,” beamed the PowerPoint slide above, a clear celebration of the Supreme Court’s politically motivated ruling against the government last week.

Hale famously wore a sinister looking spider brooch as she read out the verdict against the decision by Boris, who has humorously likened himself to the Hulk bashing Brussels, to prorogue Parliament.

The act was overtly partisan, and today’s open confession should finally call into question the nation’s constitutional settlement. It won’t.

Can we call ourselves a democracy when the unelected judiciary wields such extraordinary power in direct opposition to Britain’s greatest ever electoral mandate? Of course not. 

The establishment see the complete opposite. Lady Hale and the ten other bent justices she whipped towards a unanimous decision have been universally praised for their professionalism. Utter nonsense, they are a danger to our democracy.  


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Legendary Daily Mail editor, Paul Dacre was one of the few prominent figures to call out the propaganda.

“In this country there is a childish fiction that judges are Olympian figures who, chosen in penumbral obscurity, are unaffected by their political or personal beliefs and therefore beyond scrutiny,” wrote Dacre in the Spectator. “This is poppycock and the transparency of the Supreme Court in America attests to a more grown-up constitution.”

Hale is no Olympian, having gone on the record in questioning Britain’s departure from the European Union

Dacre has an all too rare feel for the mood of the nation. He righteously branded the High Court “enemies of the people” on the Mail’s front page when it ruled in favour of Gina Miller’s well-financed crusade for Parliament to have the ultimate say on whether Britain exits the EU. The Supreme Court went on to uphold the judgment.

We’ve had a turnover of justices since, but the dedication to the globalist mission remains as strong as ever. Drain that swamp.