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Make no mistake, this General Election is a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU. The same week Theresa May announced the vote that should see her Conservative party win a huge majority, the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani assured British Remainers that the UK can revoke Article 50. It really is not over until it is over, Leave.EU has therefore decided to launch a campaign urging voters to put country before party on June 8.

Together with Westmonster we are promoting one genuine Brexiteer a day in the lead-up to the vote. We are asking voters to put party affiliations aside and support their local Brexit candidate, irrespective of traditional party loyalties. Visit Leave.EU’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, or alternatively this page to find your nearest Brexit candidate. Any vote for one of the campaign’s preferred candidates takes the nation a step closer to independence. If you’re not lucky enough to live in one of these constituencies, we encourage you to try and support the nearest candidate in any way you can.

We voted overwhelmingly for Brexit in June of last year, it’s now time for the British people to reinforce their desire to break away from the failing European Union and become an independent nation once more.


Karl McCartney – Conservative

Put country first on June 8 and back Karl McCartney in Lincoln to keep another strong Brexit voice in parliament!
Follow him on Twitter at @karlmccartney

Alex Williams – Conservative

Leave.EU is proud to be backing Alex Williams in his bid to oust Wigan’s current MP, Lisa Nandy.
Nandy, a Londoner who campaigned to Remain in the EU, faces stiff opposition from Alex, the deputy leader of nearby Trafford Council and committed to “the best Brexit deal for Britain and Wigan with controlled immigration, a strong and stable economy with more local jobs.”

If you’re a constituent of Wigan or live nearby, we encourage you to put country first and help Alex win on June 8.


Maria Caulfield – Conservative

The Brexit candidate in Lewes is @mariacaulfield. Help her win re-election and make sure we get what we voted for!


Royston Smith – Conservative

It’s so important we pack Westminster with Brexiteers this General Election to ensure Brexit means Brexit!

We’re backing Conservative candidate Royston Smith for Southampton Itchen!

Allan Shipham – UKIP

We need true believers in the Brexit cause getting into the Commons on June 8, not profiteering party apparatchiks for whom voters’ needs are way down in the list of priorities.

We need people like Allan Shipham, UKIP’s candidate in Wellingborough & Rushden.
We encourage you to support Al in any way you can at #GE2017


Roger Helmer – UKIP

We’re backing true Brexiteer, Roger Helmer for South Leicestershire!

Stewart Jackson – Conservative

To ensure Brexit is delivered in its truest form it’s so important we have genuine Leavers in Westminster – that’s why we’re backing Stewart Jackson in Peterborough!

Time to put country first, party second and rally behind your Brexit candidate – red, blue or purple!

Teck Khong – UKIP

Leave.EU is delighted to see Dr Teck Khong, a long-standing GP and Brexiteer standing for Parliament in the General Election.

We need fewer career politicians and more professionals with real life experience in Westminster – Teck would be a great start!

Chris Green – Conservative

Chris Green is your Brexit candidate for Bolton West.

“This is a very positive moment for Britain. Rather than being tied to a bureaucratic and ineffectual organisation we are now free to make our own way in the world.”

Peter Harris – UKIP

Peter Harris came close to defeating Remain-backing MP Jon Cruddas in 2015. We need to support him in Dagenham & Rainham to make sure we have another strong voice for national independence in the House of Commons!

Kelvin Hopkins- Labour

Kelvin Hopkins has described the EU as “anti-working class” and “anti-democratic”. A lifelong Brexiteer, the MP for Luton North openly welcomed the triggering of Article 50. It is something, “I and many others have struggled for all our lives,” he said on the day we handed in our notice of withdrawal.

We need more people with such courage and integrity in the Commons. Let’s help get Kelvin re-elected on June 8 #GE2017


Lucy Allen – Conservative

We’re backing Brexit candidate, Lucy Allan for MP of Telford.

Why Lucy backed Brexit: “As a libertarian, I cannot accept the loss of UK sovereignty to an organisation that is overly bureaucratic and not as democratically transparent as our own Parliament.

I have serious concerns about the freedom of movement and the impact that this has on British society. Whilst immigration can be of great benefit to the UK such as by filling jobs with shortages and adding to our culture, it also adds pressures to our services and housing needs.”

Let’s help Lucy get re-elected on June 8! #GE2017


Caroline Ansell – Conservative

The most important thing about this general election is that we support real Brexit MPs, so we can ensure that those in power want what’s best for Britain.

That’s why we’re backing Caroline Ansell for Eastbourne!


John Mann – Labour

As part of Leave.EU’s campaign to get pro-Brexit MPs elected today we’re urging voters in Bassetlaw to fall in behind John Mann, committed patriot and dedicated public servant.

We encourage Leave.EU followers to support John in any way they can. If you’re based locally, please visit his website to see how you can help, and also share this post with friends and family in North Nottinghamshire and the surrounding area.


James Davies – Conservative

Remember this is the Brexit general election. It’s time to rise above petty party politics and support the candidates who will ensure we get what we voted for in the referendum.

One such MP is James Davies who represents the Vale of Clwyd.

If you live in the area make sure you visit his website to find out what you can do to help the campaign, or if you know anyone from the area encourage them to do their part.


Tom Elliott – Ulster Unionist Party

We need to put Country before Party and back Leave MPs in this election to ensure Brexit is delivered!‬

‪We’re backing UUP’s Tom Elliott for Fermanagh and South Tyrone!‬

Charlotte Leslie – Conservative

Let’s make sure we keep hardworking MPs who weren’t afraid to back Brexit!

It’s time to put Country before Party and vote for your local Leave candidate.

If you live in the Bristol area, find out how you can support Charlotte Leslie’s campaign below:


Tim Aker – UKIP

If you live in the area and wish to help Tim campaign, activists can meet at 49-51 Orsett Road, Grays, RM17 5HJ each day from 10am.

Gerard Batten – UKIP

We’re backing longstanding Brexiteer, Gerard Batten MEP for Maidenhead in the General Election!