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Monday 30 September 2019

It’s Tory Party conference this week. Having childishly refused to allow a short three-day recess Remainers are plotting a move that, even if it fails, will cause more disruption for the embattled government While that may be the case in Westminster, it will have a galvanising effect on the grassroots, providing voters with yet more proof that most MPs are rotten to the core.

The Telegraph reports the opposition are finally discussing a no confidence motion after Boris goaded the hapless Jeremy Corbyn at the dispatch box last week. Jeremy Corbyn will meet with his Lib Dem and SNP counterparts, Jo Swinson and Ian Blackford at 1.30 this afternoon to mull over plans. Joining them will be representatives from Plaid Cymru, the Greens and the somehow still lingering Independent Group for Change.   

The Lib Dems and the SNP are also pushing for an amendment to the Surrender Act, requiring the PM to make his plea to Brussels as early as this time next week, the Act currently stipulates the 19th, just after next month’s crunch European Council summit. They’re unlikely to succeed as the 20-odd former Tories are known to be firm about the original date, which took weeks to agree upon.

Yesterday’s Mail reported another plan is in the offing for the Speaker of the House to be nominated as the government’s representative to go to Brussels and plea for an extension in the event Boris refuses.

Downing Street hit back with accusations pro-Remain MPs have coordinated their strategy with the French government and demanded full disclosure of their communications – they’ve long been suspected of foreign collusion, in August Philip Hammond boasted of his massive rolodex of contacts. An investigation has been launched.

Boris’s use of the term “surrender act” was also put under scrutiny yesterday by the biased BBC yesterday, watch the clip below of Boris being interviewed by Andrew Marr who sensationally dispels the notion that Labour MP Paula Sherriff launched a counter-attack against Boris’s use of the word surrender to (rightly) shame Hillary Benn’s Brexit blocking bill. “She wasn’t talking about that,” said Marr. She most definitely was.  

Sherriff combined with Jess Phillips to get the point across in the Commons. Phillips appeared on BBC breakfast this morning to openly admit that their hysterical speeches on Boris’s use of language were to try and alter the public’s perception of the legislation. Why would Marr tried to pretend otherwise?

 “This is a massive distraction that is coming from the Remainers who want to halt the democratic process,” said Nigel Farage yesterday. Correct!

The government will be able to shake all this nonsense off soon enough and Remainers know it, which would explain why another wave of allegations has since saturated the news feed.  

Back to Brussels, the Times reports Boris will deliver his alternative plans to the Irish backstop in full at the beginning of next week – contradicting reports in Saturday’s Sun that he was delaying in order to put pressure on Brexiteer MPs to agree to a bad compromise. The EU is expected to deliver its verdict by the end of the week.

Negotiations will be conducted in secret, it is widely viewed that leaks will indicate Boris’s last ditch efforts have failed. He’ll have then run out of options, the only question remaining being whether it will be the prime minister or John Bercow delivering that surrender letter.

We shall see.