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Friday 28 June 2019

The Times report Boris Johnson’s team are making plans for an Autumn budget to get the economy “going gangbusters”, including sweeping tax cuts and major reforms to stamp duty. A deregulation programme will also be put in place. Brexit Britain will be set up to weather any storm, deal or no deal.

According to sources, Sajid Javid will preside over the kickstart as the new chancellor. Johnson spoke to Javid on the phone over the weekend. Presumably, the current home secretary is seen as someone who can help the whips in getting the budget through the House of Commons. One insider aired concerns the ambition behind the tax cuts might not be appreciated by MPs. A failed budget so soon into the new premiership could trigger an election.

As for Boris’s plan for Brexit, a subject of much deliberation on this blog, his comments at a Hustings in Bournemouth yesterday are cause for optimism. Following yesterday’s reports of another plan to block No Deal Brexit, it is vital the next PM is prepared to dangle the threat of proroguing Parliament with real intent. Boris assured Tory members it was “still on the table”, although he didn’t “envisage” resorting to it.

Sticking with Boris but switching to a subject of a very different tone and substance (see above), the Mail reveals this morning that the former foreign secretary called the French “Turds” when the BBC was following him around the world during his last government post for its close up a documentary about the Foreign Office.

Leaked memos reveal a battle between the FCO and the Beeb to get the offending footage removed from the final cut on the grounds it would be harmful to Anglo-French relations during this sensitive period. The BBC caved in but kept a line about Britain getting a “shafting” by the French by way of compromise.

Not what you would describe as diplomacy, but Boris was talking specifically about Brexit, and in that context, he was speaking the plain truth, which is what we want from our politicians. Boris constantly uses French words and references gallic culture, this isn’t about the people, but President Macron and his globalist entourage, which includes Michel Barnier. France’s prime minister – the man doing the legwork of running the nation while Mr Macron prances – used to be a Gaullist MP, the same party as the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator.

And Boris isn’t the only flinging muck. Odious MEP Guy Verhofstadt has an op-ed in the Guardian today, claiming a “narrow majority” of Brits were “duped” into voting Leave by Johnson. Verhostadt then goes off on one about trade, hilariously claiming “The real global trading power, of course, is the EU, which has recently concluded trade deals with Japan, South Korea and Canada.”

Give us a break, all three of those countries are big unilateral global traders. Japan is a major investor in the UK and exports more to the British market than any EU country other than Germany. The existing trade deal with next-door South Korea was recently renewed with a view to improving it post-Brexit. Similar talks are happening with Canada, a largely English-speaking country, and part of the Commonwealth.

Britain is global and venturing deeper, something the protectionist tendencies of many EU countries will never countenance.