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Sunday 17 September 

Britain’s hopes of deepening links with America following Brexit have received a boost after a major Commonwealth body announced it was opening a US branch. 

The Royal Commonwealth Society, which was founded in 1868 and counts the Queen as its patron, is establishing a presence in the American state of Mississippi.

Explaining the decision to create a US branch, a spokesman for the Royal Commonwealth Society played up the countries’ shared values.

“The fraternal links between the UK and the USA are strong and well-established, beyond our language, common legal systems and common interests,” the spokesman said.2

“In a similar vein the US has natural connections based on language, culture, commerce and security, with a breadth of Commonwealth countries.

“The establishment of a Branch of the RCS in the US will serve to strengthen these links to mutual advantage.”

Taken from the Telegraph, published on Sunday 17 SSeptember2017. Image rights: REX/SHUTTERSTOCK