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The government’s utter betrayal of Brexit on the key issue of defence has become even harder to deny with new tapes leaked to The Sun revealing that top civil servants boasted to European diplomats that Brexit would be like a Kit Kat chocolate bar – with Brexit Department official Victoria Billing suggesting that a Brexit-flavoured layer of chocolate would be a “cover” over continued ties in defence.

She was joined by Cabinet Office security adviser Alastair Brockbank, who vowed “significant contributions” towards EU defence schemes and said that “we are interested in it all”. They’re even talking about “[seeing] what we can contribute towards PESCO still” – PESCO being the Permanent Structured Cooperation agreement, a precursor to an EU army.

Jacob Rees-Mogg was quick to hit out at the revelations, saying that “this looks like a clear attempt to fix the game and this must be formally investigated urgently” while reminding Brexophobic pundits that “former civil servants rounded on Brexiteers a few months ago and compared them to Nazis for questioning the traditions of the civil service and now we have civil servants appearing to brief against their country”.

The story reveals that our friends at Veterans for Britain have been right all along when they’ve warned about covert efforts to sign Britain up for continued defence integration without seeking the approval of either parliament or the British public. The plan laid out by civil servants could see the UK committed to the Common Security and Defence Policy, mad EU rules on hardware production, payouts to EU defence funds, and the surrender of British forces to EU Battlegroups – under the control of the European Council.

The fact that this is happening behind closed doors is testament to the forces at work in the dark recesses of Whitehall trying to sabotage our Brexit.

Meanwhile the horrors in Telford continue to accumulate as Lucy Allan MP reports that she has been “inundated” with yet more reports of vile abuse at the hands of the town’s lawless paedophile grooming gangs.

One local group say they got 2,000 calls asking for help over the last two years – twice the number of victims reported by the Sunday Mirror’s explosive expose last weekend. Allan, speaking in parliament, noted that she had “also spoken to a consultant psychiatrist who has had many patients who have experienced this issue and are dealing with the mental health consequences of this terrible crime. It is clear this has been going on for many years and a significant number of girls have been affected”.

She also lifted the lid on the “10 important men” who told the Home Office that no inquiry into grooming in Telford was necessary. They included the managing director of Telford & Wrekin Council, the director of child services in the district, and council leader Shaun Davies. It comes after we confirmed that child sex gang ringleader Mubarak Ali was released from prison last November after serving only five years of his 22-year prison sentence. He had been caged in 2013 for abusing, trafficking, and selling young girls for sex. The more we discover, the more sickening this scandal becomes…