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Thursday 26 April

Opposition to Theresa the Appeaser is growing stronger by the day with her Northern Irish partners in the DUP stepping up to warn against any backsliding on the key issue of the dysfunctional European customs union. They join a growing chorus of opposition from her own Eurosceptic backbenches, who fear a Remoaner coup led by the likes of Anna Soubry that could force Mrs May into a commitment to continued membership.

Nigel Dodds MP – the leader of the Democratic Unionists in the House of Commons – warned Theresa May that the integrity of the United Kingdom was a red line and that “you might as well have a Corbyn government pursuing openly its anti-Unionist policies as have a Conservative government doing it by a different means”. The DUP’s 10 MPs currently support Theresa May’s minority government, and could create havoc if crossed.

Many were upset when Theresa May lost her parliamentary majority in last year’s general election, but binding her to the iron will of Northern Ireland’s doggedly determined DUP may be one of the greatest strokes of good fortune our nation has ever enjoyed. We applaud their commitment to our United Kingdom, and hope they succeed in steadying the ship of state.

May’s government itself wants to project the same kind of courage found in the DUP, but a history of failure and betrayal undermines the illusion. Today they insist that they are seizing the initiative by putting forward their demands for trade relations with the EU, seemingly putting EU negotiator Michel Barnier on the backfoot.

An insider claims that Downing Street “are not going to wait for Michel Barnier to box us in again. The PM wants us to set the agenda now, and the pace too!”

The 50-page document will tell Brussels what the UK wants out of a future deal, but there’s one big problem: without the real courage to walk away from negotiations without a deal – which May has proven time and time again that she lacks, enduring the worst humiliations from the EU’s faceless bureaucracy – the UK really is powerless to demand anything.

We really need a Brexit leader like Jacob Rees-Mogg, with the wisdom and the will to walk away from the table. What a shame we’re stuck with Theresa May…

On the home front May isn’t doing much better, with new crime statistics highlighting a huge surge in crime on our streets. Robbery is up 33%, knife crime is up 22%, and gun crime has risen by 11%.

The ONS paints a grim picture with vehicular theft and burglary also on the rise. When will May and Rudd get it – you can’t do law and order on the cheap, especially not when British bobbies are being commanded to charge people for making YouTube videos and posting song lyrics on Instagram.