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27 March 2018

Responding to comments about a Leave.EU/Eldon Insurance document made at the DCMS committee, Leave.EU chairman Arron Banks said:

“For those of you wanting a copy of the Eldon/Leave.EU presentation referred to in the DCMS Fake News enquiry held earlier today, that ‘apparently’ shows that Eldon worked with Cambridge Analytica and shared ‘data’, please find them attached.

“If you lazy buggers had bothered to read our wonderful press releases then it’s obvious that you would already have a copy, since both documents were press released over six months ago!

“For reference, we did this to launch our new Artificial Intelligence product for the insurance business based in Ole Miss University in Mississippi. You will also note that this was created on what WE learnt during the referendum… (NOT from Cambridge Analytica).

“Hope this helps you with your reporting on Damian and Carole’s Unicorn Chasing Fake News enquiry… Enjoy 😉

“Love, Arron.”

Eldon AI Presentation

Leave.EU Social Media Presentation