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Monday 16
 April 2018

The Home Secretary Amber Rudd has once again shown herself to be completely unfit for public office. Over the weekend, further details emerged about the outrageous deportation threat faced by thousands of the Windrush generation, whose parents came to the UK legally at our invitation to fill gaps in the British labour market after the Second World War.

Most of these people have lived in the country for decades. Britain is their home. Coming from the old Commonwealth, they saw themselves as British subjects and quickly became part of the fabric of national life. But because of administrative blunders they are now being wrongly slurred as illegal immigrants, denied access to the NHS, and persecuted by the Home Office.

To add insult to injury, Downing Street is unconcerned with resolving a problem entirely of the Home Office’s doing. A request from twelve Caribbean countries to hold formal diplomatic talks about the situation was immediately rejected, an absolute scandal when the government should be working harder than ever to develop Britain’s global friendships.

Theresa May has since changed her mind and agreed to a meeting. But the damage is already done, Home Office Minister Caroline Nokes admitted today they do not know how many people have been deported since the policy was introduced.

Compare the treatment given to the Windrush children to that received by Ahmed Hassan, who arrived in Britain illegally on the back of a lorry. He boasted to the authorities about being trained to kill by Isis. Inexplicably, the Home Office allowed Hassan to remain in this country, where he eventually detonated an explosive device on the London Underground at Parsons Green.

He’s just one of many jihadis that Amber Rudd – and Theresa May before her – have let flood into Britain in recent years. Many went overseas to Syria to train as killers, and upon their return were deemed not to be a “national security concern”.

Rudd and May’s weak response to the Manchester bombing and multiple attacks on the capital last year was bad enough. For the two of them to then lash out at decent Brits who have lived here for decades is appalling.

This senseless policy must end now. The government needs to assure the Windrush kids that they are entitled to remain in the country they have made their home. Amber Rudd must be sacked as Home Secretary.

We therefore encourage our supporters to write to their MPs about this issue. You can find your local MP’s email address by following this link and you can access a prepared email by clicking here.