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Tuesday 4 June 2019

While the media choose to glorify the boorish behaviour of London crime appeaser Sadiq Khan as the capital gets turned into a theme park of anti-Trump attractions to the delight of insipid Remainers, the US President is looking out for British interests in a way that makes FDR look like Jeremy Corbyn.

“Big Trade Deal is possible once UK gets rid of the shackles. Already starting to talk!” Tweeted Trump last night before attending his state banquet where he honoured the memory of allied soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy 75 years ago (see below).

Remainers are instinctively anti-Trump. Their fear of Britain running its own trade affairs outside of the EU is exacerbated by America’s eagerness to do a deal.

A quick reminder, free trade agreements with massive markets like America’s will bring about tremendous cost savings for businesses and consumers by boosting competition and incentivising re-regulation, gone will be the mountains of job-destroying EU red tape. At least we should hope so.

A monumental irony of the Remain campaign’s obsession with chlorinated chicken – one of the idiotic anti-Trump displays in London today will be a giant battery hen – is the EU’s own science agency ruling that it’s perfectly acceptable for human consumption. Does the Foreign Office advise against visiting the US in case you’ll fall down dead eating KFC? No.

The Americans want to export chicken to the UK, in its own right, one of the world’s most lucrative markets, but Chlorine washed chicken is banned by Brussels’ political apparatus because more efficient farming makes it awfully difficult to justify those agricultural subsidies, the lifeblood of European integration.

Lesson one of European studies at any university – even the most globalist ones – is the poor nations of Europe get “cohesion” (infrastructure) funds, the rich ones get agricultural subsidies, which is why food-importing Britain has a rebate.

Without all that money sloshing around, member states and MEPs are disinclined to approve wave after wave of EU policies and flawed projects like the single currency. Monetary union without fiscal integration qualifies as no-one’s concept of a good idea. It does when there’s a mountain of dosh on the table to calm troublesome lobbies like agriculture and voters from Eastern Europe sceptical about losing the sovereignty they fought so hard to win back in 1989.

Back to clean chickens. The US is the world leader in making this efficient source of protein as cost effective to rear as possible. Allowing those techniques in Europe by permitting imports using those techniques will enable chicken farms to magically turn profits without subsidy. Brussels simply cannot allow that to happen. Screw the science.

And lest we forget, Theresa May’s political declaration, which is still on the table, envisages permanent customs union membership and regulatory alignment with the EU in the unlikely event we manage to free ourselves from the backstop. If the non-binding declaration forms the basis of a treaty, customs union membership alone will block any prospect of a trade deal with the United States. Remaining harmonized with punishing EU regulations will have the same effect. The declaration epitomises the madness of our political elites. Donald Trump, the leader of another nation, wants to make Britain more prosperous, our own leaders do not.

But that won’t be the message to emerge from this state visit. Instead, Mr Khan will be hailed as a hero for appearing on a liberal podcast and making a video about equality, all the while the city he is supposed to administer plunges further into a knife crime epidemic.

In Europe, that’s what we call leadership in 2019.