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Friday 16 March 2018

Yet another horrific grooming scandal has broken over the last week after the Sunday Mirror revealed that a thousand young girls were potentially abused by paedophile grooming gangs in the town of Telford over a period of four decades. With a horrific catalogue of rapes, torture, and murders, it could well be the worst grooming scandal in the history of our country.

But you wouldn’t have known that from watching the BBC, who took more than a day to cover the story at all before burying it in local Telford news. The same news source spent a lot of time promoting a story about footballer Jamie Carragher spitting from his car, but had little room to spare for the young British girls abused by gangs of perverts in Telford – at least until pressure was applied.

The MP Caroline Lucas also had little to say about the victims of this outrage at the start of the week when she asked an urgent question in the House of Commons about “bullying” in Westminster. She subsequently lashed out at Leave.EU for daring to question her warped priorities. What an absolute disgrace.

We’re standing up against bullies like Lucas who want to shut down important debate around sensitive cultural issues that might cause “offense”. This week we highlighted the tragic case of Lucy Lowe – a sixteen-year-old abuse victim in Telford who was murdered by Azhar Ali Mehmood, a paedophile abuser ten years her senior. When reporting on the case in 2001, the sick BBC had the gall to call Lucy the “girlfriend” of Mehmood.

We also revealed that one of the ringleaders of a child sex gang in Telford, Mubarek Ali, was released from prison in November after serving just five years of his 22-year sentence.

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But in the same week that we discovered the extent of the Telford scandal – which officials permitted to go on for 40 years because of political correctness – we also saw another nasty side of the British state as conservative journalists Brittany Pettibone and Lauren Southern were denied entry to the UK on flimsy pretences.

Southern was detained under the Terrorism Act and refused entry for daring to distribute satirical leaflets about Islam in Luton while Pettibone was detained because she planned to meet and interview Tommy Robinson – who the authorities have now decided to brand a “far-right leader whose materials and speeches incite racial hatred”.

That’s right: hundreds of jihadis have flooded back into Britain because the government claims they are “no longer of national security concern”, but they will bar you from entering the country if you dare talk to Tommy Robinson. Perhaps we should be more cautious about the jihadis? Just this week Ahmed Hassan was found guilty of attempted murder for the Parsons Green tube bombing. Maybe some red flags should have been raised when he boasted to the Home Office that he was trained to kill by ISIS…

Whether we agree with the views of Southern and Pettibone or not, it is disturbing that the government is cracking down on foreign journalists for committing blasphemy against Islam – while letting jihadis return to Britain. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and thought?

And on top of all that, there’s still the on-going Westminster betrayal of our democratic decision to leave the European Union. Today The Sun revealed that top civil servants were actively briefing EU diplomats about the deception being used to keep Britain chained to major EU defence plans – without a single question being asked in parliament.

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Brexit Department official Victoria Billing compared the plot to a Kit Kat bar, where the chocolate provides a “cover” for several pillars of ongoing UK-EU cooperation in defence. Our friends at Veterans for Britain have been warning about this for a long time, and today’s leaks prove them to be absolutely correct. The Whitehall plans could see us committed to the Common Security and Defence Policy, mad EU rules on hardware production, payouts to EU defence funds, and the surrender of British forces to EU Battlegroups – under the control of the European Council.

Jacob-Rees Mogg hit back, calling for an investigation into the “clear attempt to fix the game” and calling out the “civil servants appearing to brief against their country”. Once again, he proves to be a voice of common sense.

We also learnt this week that the government plans to hand over British cash to the EU for decades – with payment of the ludicrous Brexit bill dragging on for another 46 years! The OBR predicts that Britain will pay out £37.1bn between 2019 and 2064, nearly half a century after our vote to quit the failing bloc. When will the Westminster establishment wake up to the fact that Britain voted Leave to take back control of our borders, our laws, and – yes – our money? This is yet another insult to the 17.4m Brits who voted to control their own destiny.