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June 11 2018

As we approach pivotal votes on Brexit in the House of Commons over Tuesday and Wednesday, it appears we’re due further sell-outs from Theresa the Appeaser with weekend reports that the European Union is preparing to demand continued freedom of movement in exchange for a bespoke Brexit trade deal.

Barnier et al have clearly sensed weakness from the Prime Minister, whose impotent negotiating strategy has drawn the ire of Brexiteers for some months. After selling out on virtually every issue, expect another unacceptable surrender here.

Why May feels the need to bend over backwards for Brussels is a mystery given that, despite the shrill screeching of a small core of hardline Remainers, she generally has the country behind her for a strong and meaningful Brexit. New research from BMG for Change Britain reveals that even Labour voters and Remainers back a true fulfilment of the referendum result – including a settlement that pulls us out of the customs union and allows us to enact our own trade policy.

71% of voters want full control of trade, including 60% of people who voted Remain in the June 2016 referendum. 58% of Remainers want the referendum result to be respected, meaning that those who whinge about a second ballot are just a sad minority of a minority.

Meanwhile US President Donald Trump has been making waves ahead of his historic meeting with Kim Jong-Un in Singapore tomorrow. He was the centre of attention at the G7, where he allegedly told Emmanuel Macron off for EU protectionism. The patriotic populist was quoted as saying that the bloc was “worse than China” and he railed against German Chancellor Angela Merkel in particular.

But Trump wasn’t entirely scornful of Europe, praising Italy on its new Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. He declared that Conte was “a really great guy” who “will do a great job”, and went on to congratulate the nation saying “the people of Italy got it right!”

Italians will certainly be in a good mood about their democratic decision with new Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini putting his foot down on the important issue of illegal immigration. The Lega leader stood up to Malta, who have been accused of passing the buck on migrants, saying that “from today, Italy will also start saying no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration”. Salvini is being rewarded for his no-nonsense approach with further gains in municipal elections. As Italy sees more of their Deputy PM, they like him even more.

Hungarian patriot Viktor Orban is also a fan, praising Salvini’s approach (“this is an idea which Hungary supports”) while slamming NGO kingpin George Soros. “Soros and his ‘army[‘s]’ ideological motivation is a multicultural Europe” he said, warning that “they want to ruin Europe because they are hoping to make large profits in the process”. Strong words from a man who refuses to be deterred in his very public battle against the influence of globalist financier Soros!