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Tuesday 24 April 2018

The pathway to independence has been dealt not one, but two blows courtesy of the House of Lords in less than a week. The unelected upper chamber is unashamedly out to block Brexit and Leave.EU fully intends to fight back with a vengeance.

In addition to our usual social media and press output, we are supporting a petition for the abolition of the Lords. Brexiteers have suffered a succession of assaults on the nation’s will, but more are to come. With the EU beaten, it is time to start building momentum towards defeating the other enemy at the heart of our political system.

Anti-Brexit scheming in the Lords began way back in the Autumn of 2015 when peers tried to give 16 and 17-year-olds the right to vote at the referendum, a blatant ploy to dilute Leave votes. On that occasion they failed, but alarmingly their success rate has since picked up. Last week, a nonsensical commitment was made to keep Britain in the Customs Union, yesterday peers votes to hold onto the EU’s controversial human rights charter.

These amendments are all lumped onto the EU Withdrawal Bill, which far from facilitating our departure from the EU – its original purpose – is now being transformed by the Lords into the means of Brexit’s undoing. The situation is so bad, Theresa May is holding back other Brexit legislation for fear of yet more debilitating amendments.

In March 2017, Remainer peers (who constitute the majority by a considerable distance) used the Withdrawal Bill to sew the seeds for a ‘meaningful vote’ which threatens to bury the clean break promised by Theresa May over a year ago. That amendment was defused in the Commons before being reincarnated by the Labour Party and voted in with the help of the Tory traitor MPs. Would we be staring down the barrel of a Parliament veto of the Brexit deal without that initial incursion by the House of Lords?

History has now repeated itself. On the back of last week’s Customs Union catastrophe in the House of Lords MPs from both sides of the aisle tabled a motion for the same commitment. Theresa May is encouraging her MPs to not bother turning up to make the inevitable humiliation less public. Don’t expect the beleaguered prime minister to defeat the CU amendment once it reaches the Commons either.

But the Lords’ meddling goes beyond who voted for what in the Westminster bubble. Without constituencies to care for and votes to worry about, peers swan around television studios with no fear for the consequences of defying the public will. Earlier this month, Lord Adonis laughably claimed “the BBC created Nigel Farage” and spouted the usual nonsense about Britons not knowing what they voted for when they most certainly did. Lord Kerr purposefully designed Article 50 to give the EU the upper hand in the full knowledge the member state most likely to use it was his own – traitor.

We could go on, but more setbacks lie on the horizon to scorn and dwell upon. But rather than doing that, we at Leave.EU remain committed not only to the true Brexit we all voted for, but also an unrelenting campaign against this outdated fifth column of an institution. We thank you in advance for your support over the coming months.