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Wednesday 11 July 2018 

The resignations continue. Last night, Conservative vice-chairmen Ben Bradley and Maria Caulfield stepped down in protest over Friday’s betrayal in Bucks. Brexiteer MPs are engaged in a steady campaign to ramp up pressure on Theresa May to ditch her preposterous plan. “This is not going to stop. We want the Chequers plan killed, and we want it killed now. This is guerilla war,” a source told the Mail.

Other Tories are going a step further, Westmonster have an exclusive this morning on a letter from Dagenham and Rainham Conservatives Association to the Party chairman calling for May to go.

“Mrs May is surrounded with those who oppose the will of the majority of voters. She must be replaced now while there is still time for her successor to reassess the UK’s position,” the letter signs off. Dagenham voted 62.4% in favour of Leave. There will be many more of these.

For most Brexiteers, the gloves are off. David Davis’s former chief of staff at DExEU, has lifted the lid on Downing Street’s takeover of his old department.

“It’s all part of the plan. [May’s Brexit advisor, who was transferred from DExEU to Number 10 Olly] Robbins et al blocked the publication of the White Paper from at least March because 1) they’d lose policy control and 2) Ipso facto it’s contents might not be the Hotel California Brexit they delivered at Chequers,” he tweeted in response to rumours his old department will be denied any autonomy now that Davis has left. Turns out, it is already a vassal of Downing Street. How Dominic Raab, an outspoken Brexiteer who now heads it, will deal with being used as a glorified spokesperson will be interesting. Let us hope he soon loses patience soon.

The Times reports of plans to scupper the deal via the “meaningful vote”. Could it be that this parasite nourishing Remainer hopes off the back of the tortuous withdrawal process will in fact act as Brexit’s saviour.

Labour have said they will vote against it, in which case, only six Tory MP Leavers would be needed to vote it down and bring us out of the EU entirely. WTO here we come. Under such circumstances however, all Labour MPs would need to follow Jeremy Corbyn’s weak whip. Some would surely rebel, nothing goes down a stink in Westminster more than the words “no” and “deal”. That said, Wes Streeting, a prominent opponent of Corbyn but a fanatical Remainer has said he too would vote against.

The Conservative rebels (not the treasonous kind) would still probably need a good cushion of extra numbers to force it out – encouragingly 80 MPs are reported to have attended Monday’s European Research Group meeting, chaired by Jacob Rees-Mogg.

If it comes to it, they are confident they would have the numbers to prevail. Before the Chequers summit, chief whip Julian Smith told them “if you don’t like it [the deal], you don’t have to vote for it.” It’s fair game.

But that’s not all. According to the Sun, the ERG are planning on “going Grieve” and tampering with the forthcoming customs and trades bills, using amendments to block the Chequers plans.

Could it be, that in our darkest hour, we see the strongest signs of hope? How very British (see tweet of the day for more of that).